Traveling and getting to know other countries and lifestyles is the dream of many people. But if you want to improve your level of English, total immersion in the language is the most advisable thing for you. Whether it’s a university exchange program, a language course, or a job abroad, this experience will take your language skills to the next level, plus you can make friends from all over the world.

Before you travel, plan. If your budget is limited, find out about affordable housing for foreign students, summer or winter courses and even internships focused on your field of work.

Among the best cities in the world are:


England is the birthplace of the beautiful English language, besides having two of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world: Oxford and Cambridge. This country is a must for all interested in practicing the language and visiting the British Museum and a variety of historical landmarks of great cultural importance.


Canada is one of the most popular destinations for young people, not only because of its exchange programs but also because of its many advantages in terms of safety and lifestyle. In addition to being able to put into practice everything you have learned in your English classes, Canada offers a wide variety of outdoor activities in both summer and winter.


If you like extreme water sports like surfing, the best place to do it is Australia which offers beautiful beaches with great waves to practice this extreme sport. It is also famous for being an exuberant and multicultural country. Australia allows you to get a part-time job while you study and provides facilities in case you are interested in migrating permanently.

United States

Harvard, Yale, and Stanford are among the most prestigious universities in the world, with extensive study programs in any area of interest. The United States is the most sought-after destination due to its immense variety of academic, cultural, and sports activities.  You can choose between large, bustling cities or quaint academic cities with numerous options and opportunities.


Do you dream of enjoying a paradisiacal summer destination while at the same time practicing your English? If so, Malta´s beaches are some of the finest in the Mediterranean. This is one of the favorite destinations for young Europeans, with everything from secluded coves, sun-kissed shores, a “forever vacation” lifestyle, and archaeological wonders.

Having the experience of spending time in an English-speaking country will help you perfect the language from a more lively approach. Best of all, you can always take your online Start Speaking Today lessons anywhere in the world. You can choose a general English course or focus on a specific area of your interest and put it into practice while you make new friends, visit museums, and experience once-in-a-lifetime moments.

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