It is well-known that learning English helps you in many ways personally and professionally. However, people don’t usually think about the effect their knowledge of English has on others. The truth is that investing in yourself, your skills, and knowledge is not a selfish act but rather one that benefits society as a whole. 

Veamos algunas formas en las que hablar inglés ayuda a quienes te rodeanLet’s look at a few ways in which speaking English helps those around you.

  1. As a result of globalization and the use of English as the lingua franca, millions of products with instructions in English are imported and exported from across the globe every day. People who don’t speak English are often at a disadvantage because they do not understand the instructions on manuals of products imported into their country or even medical instructions on the back of a box of pills. So, if you speak English, you can help your friends and family with these tasks and they will definitely thank you for it. 
  1. Traveling is more difficult when you don’t speak English. If you don’t know the language of the country you are visiting, English will help you get to where you need to go. Signs and instructions are usually translated to English and, wherever you go, you are most likely to find someone who speaks English and can help you. It is common to see groups of people traveling together and, in every group there is at least one person who speaks English in order to help the group get to where it needs to. This could be you.

3. Even when traveling alone, you may help people find their destination and have interesting conversations and cultural exchanges with people from other cultures as a result of this. You can help people learn more about your culture and become an ambassador for your country.

  1. It is true that in many companies where English is used, many employees do not have the adequate skills to carry through tasks such as filling in an important document in English, following instructions on a piece of software, accessing information online or writing an email in English. They are also usually quite embarrassed about their lack of knowledge of the language and end up asking a coworker for help. As a result, these people complete their assignments and make a new friend whom they hold in high esteem. The new friend then becomes known in the office as the one who knows English and inspires others to learn the language as  well.
  1.  In bigger, international companies, the one who speaks English well is given more responsibilities and usually a higher position as he/she can help with communication with international clients or bringing new knowledge to the company’s management based on the latest research published in English.

So, what are you waiting for?

 If helping others is one of your values and if you aspire to inspire and lead, join Start Speaking Today to learn English and help those around you. You never know how you can change another’s life through your skills and how they might be able to change yours. 

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