Two Tools, One Goal: Mastering English

Every word you learnis like a coin in your linguistic treasure chest,steadily accumulatingthe wealth of understanding.”


Have you ever felt disheartened when trying to elevate your English proficiency, only to find yourself entangled in the intricacies of a language that seems to be the exclusive domain of native speakers? . Imagine being in a New York City business conversation, where slang flows like an upbeat dance. Suddenly, you find yourself losing rhythm, unable to match the pace of the movements.Have you ever felt nervous speaking in public because you’re worried about how you pronounce words? Maybe you’ve dreamed of diving into the English culture in England, but got confused by the differences between British and American English.

You’re far from alone in this journey. At Start Speaking Today, we specialize in understanding the unique challenges that adult English learners face. As a dedicated online language school, we’re deeply invested in your success. Our team of expert native instructors and our years of fine-tuned teaching methods come together to create transformative learning experiences aimed at honing your English communication skills to a professional level.

This August, our Master Class “Two Tools, One Goal: Mastering English” goes beyond mere lessons to offer you a deep dive into the English language. Professor Sebastian van der Starre vividly brought to life the ins and outs of prefixes, suffixes, and pronouns to mastering differences in American and British pronunciation,   captivating the students in an exploration of English nuances that are often overlooked. 

And if you’ve ever felt challenged by slang’s quirky intricacies, you’ll be delighted to discover how this Master Class addresses these common challenges with a touch of humor, equipping you to navigate informal conversations with ease. Through tangible examples, practical exercises, and tips, we provide you with skills that transcend the ordinary. Are you ready to confront the obstacles that English presents with confidence and mastery? Then follow this link and uncover the gateway to limitless English communication!

If you’re prepared to conquer your challenges in English proficiency, we await you with open arms. Join this committed learning community, where success in English is no longer an unattainable dream, but an achievable and exhilarating goal. Seize this opportunity and explore how Start Speaking Today is revolutionizing the way we approach English learning!

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