English in the New Normality

The term “normal” means something different today than it did back in mid-2019. Our world has changed, and so have our priorities. Somehow we ended up inside a bizarre tale, but, as with many stories, it has left us with a few things to learn.

Every story begins with a protagonist living everyday life. Whether they spend their days fighting intergalactic wars, slaying dragons, or having a run-of-the-mill day at the office, this is their status quo, their normality, their routine. Suddenly,  as Campbell called it, there is a “Call to Adventure,” and everything changes. The hero must enter a “Special World”, be thrown into adversity, difficulty, and challenges. Through these trials, our hero acquires an elixir, a new sword or skill which they use to succeed in their ordeal and, finally, return home, changed. Or perhaps it is their world that has changed.

Two years ago, our world changed, and we were all thrown into our own hero’s journey.

Two years ago, our world changed, and we were all thrown into our own hero’s journey. Job insecurity, lay-offs, entire industries crashing, and working from home are just some of the profound effects COVID 19 has had on the employment prospects for any one of us. We find ourselves now in a new world, we are emerging from the dragon’s lair, and we must be ready to face the next adventure: The New Normal. 

English is the language of science, aviation, business, tourism, technology, and many more industries. It has been for decades, and yet, after the pandemic, the place of English as a sought-after skill in the job market has certainly become even more prominent. For almost two years now, employers have realized how many different positions and responsibilities can be filled from home, remotely, especially for people with graduate and undergraduate studies. The internet has allowed a lot of us to spend our workdays at our rapidly evolving home-office setups. In turn, this has opened up a world of possibilities for remote work because, guess what? English is the indisputable champion of languages by the number of users and amount of content on the internet. 

Employers and employees worldwide are learning that the limitations for hiring talent who might be unwilling or unable to relocate for an employment opportunity are rapidly disappearing. Of those who saw their living rooms, guest bedrooms, or kitchen tables become their new workspace over the past two years, 53% is reconsidering working from home, even after everything reopens. The concept of a “Liquid Workforce” is now a sought-after upgrade many companies are looking to evolve and thrive in this new normality.

So, with opportunities opening up in countries with better salaries, with growing industries which may not be as developed in your own, the power to communicate with over a third of the population of the world – through English – is without a doubt nothing short of magic. It is, perhaps, a ticket to a new adventure entirely.

If you would like to improve your English from just about anywhere you may be, contact us via WhatsApp at +52 1 55 4094 4116 or email us at contacto@startspeakingtoday.com.mx

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