The Imperative of English Upskilling for Business Professionals in Mexico and Latin America in 2024

New goals require the development of new habits.

– Moris Dieck

In the competitive landscape of Mexican and Latin American business sectors, proficiency in the English language holds a pivotal role in unlocking a plethora of career-boosting opportunities. As the international language of communication, English not only facilitates seamless interaction with a global audience but also serves as a decisive factor in securing lucrative job prospects. Let’s delve into the compelling data reinforcing the indispensable nature of English upskilling for business professionals in Mexico and Latin America in 2024.

  • Requirement for Proficient English

According to a study by OCCEducacion, a striking 80% of job listings in Latin America necessitate a proficient level of English, illuminating the extensive demand for bilingual professionals in the regional job market. Similarly, Mexican business leaders advocate that English proficiency is instrumental in dealing with foreign counterparts, underscoring its significance as a professional asset.

  • Salary Advantages

Proficiency in English has been associated with substantial salary benefits. Several surveys indicate that in countries such as Mexico, Colombia, and Argentina, individuals with high English proficiency can witness salary increases ranging from 30% to 50%. This substantial salary advantage underscores the economic relevance of English upskilling for job-seeking professionals in the region.

  • Job Security

Moreover, the job security for bilingual professionals in Mexico and Latin America is notably reinforced by the ability to navigate through English-speaking business settings. With the globalizing nature of industries, companies are increasingly seeking professionals who can seamlessly engage in international business dialogues, establishing a secure niche for individuals equipped with proficient English skills.

Interested students often come to us with concerns about their English fluency, fearing its impact on their job performance and expressing disappointment with their previous learning experiences.

Recognizing these widespread concerns, Start Speaking Today set out to revolutionize English learning into a comprehensive experience that enriches language skills and unlocks global professional opportunities.

Our Approach:

  • Exceptional Learning Experience: Our platform offers native teachers and a 24/7 online environment that adapts to your pace, allowing flexibility to study at your convenience.
  • Flexible Modalities: Choose from group or personalized classes, tailored to your schedule. Group classes are designed for executive profiles, conveniently scheduled before or after working hours, while individual classes provide complete schedule flexibility.
  • Coaching in Speaking: We focus on coaching in speaking, encouraging continuous verbal interaction and providing precise support to ensure effective progress. Master and open classes allow you to practice learned material.
  • 100% Online Classes: Our dynamic and engaging classes are designed to build confidence and fluency, catering to all knowledge levels, learning styles, and personal challenges.

Learning to speak English and doing so fluently and confidently is an investment in your professional growth.  Effective English communication will unlock new job opportunities, exciting projects, and valuable connections in the global professional arena. Invest in yourself and your language skills to achieve professional success!

At Start Speaking Today, we want to be part of your success. Get in touch and start projecting yourself internationally.

WhatsApp +52 1 56 2821 6106 contacto@startspeakingtoday.com.mx

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